RVing Made Simple, Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Rving can be a very fulfilling activity for avid travelers. However, there are a few things that you should know before hitting the road. Here are a few tips and tricks to help enhance your RVing experience. Plan Ahead Even if you are a spontaneous type of person, you should still do a little planning ahead of time. This will prevent a lot of potential headaches along the way. You should always make sure that you map out your journey before leaving home. Also, insurance for your car, try to pinpoint gas stations so that you will not run out of fuel. Take RV Driving Classes Driving an RV is a tad bit different from driving your normal sedan. You will have to learn how to effectively use the mirrors to maneuver on the highway. Taking a RV driving class is an excellent idea because it will enhance your safety and give you valuable experience on the road. Free Camping and Parking With the economy being so uncertain, we could use all of the freebies that we can get. Along the way, you may decide to park at places like 24-hour department stores and truck stops to rest.

Best Places To Go Camping At The Beach

Do you love camping and beach adventures? You can have the best of both worlds by going camping at the beach. Pack your car and head out to one of these vacation spots for a truly unique beach camping experience.

Long Key State Park in Florida

If you are looking for a spectacular oceanfront campground, the Long Key State Park would be a wonderful place to choose for your beach camping adventure. Whether you want to go go on reading »

First Aid Tips: Don’t Go Camping Without These

Going camping is an exciting adventure that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. RV camping on the beach offers even more excitement because the thrill of camping can be combined with the joy of spending time near the water. While you are sure to have fun on your trip, it is always best to take a few precautions in case of an emergency. Here, are several first aid tips that you will need to remember before leaving on your trip.

First, you will need to go on reading »

Safety Tips For RVing At The Beach

A recreational vehicle can make a beach trip enjoyable. With an RV, a family can enjoy the ocean while still having all the amenities. However, one must stay vigilant when taking their recreational vehicle to beach. Here are three tips to stay safe while RVing at the beach.

Fire: Most people love sitting around a bonfire at the campground. While a fire is something that everyone can enjoy, it is crucial to exercise caution when extinguishing the fire. Since there is an abundance of water at the beach, go on reading »

Amusement Parks To Visit While RVing With Your Family

If your family is looking for fun and adventure, load up the RV and visit these top amusement parks in the United States.

Cedar Point

Located on the shores of Sandusky, Ohio, Cedar Point is widely regarded as the world’s best amusement park. The park has more roller coasters than any other and is truly a paradise for adrenaline junkies.


Nostalgic types and budget-conscious families will appreciate this park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. Free admission gives riders access to wooden roller coasters, kid-friendly rides and more.

Schlitterbahn Water Park

Cool off after driving to this park go on reading »

Fun Activities For Families To Do While Camping

Camping near the beach in an RV provides any number of opportunities to interact as a family. Of course, there is sunning, boating and swimming, but with a bit of imagination, your family can create activities that build lasting memories.

Make a Memory Craft
Hunt for small rocks and shells along the beach. Choose those with interesting patterns, shapes and colors. Wash and dry the finds. Create a display of the rocks and shells. Use a sturdy background in black or other solid color to set off the display and frame the result.

In this age of video games, families seldom play games together. Instead, bring along a selection of board games and play together as a family. Keep it low-key or get competitive with teams. Add special treats–like going for ice cream for the winners.

Continuing story
Outside by the beach, begin a story. Each person tells part of the story, then, when the characters are in trouble, Click Here, passes to the next family member who continues the story. Stories get very convoluted and can continue for an evening or for days. The idea is to be creative.

Learn about the animals in the area and make a game of finding prints and other signs of local creatures.